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Direct Cremation in Irlam

Direct Cremation in Irlam

Posted on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Direct Cremation in IrlamYou may have heard of a direct cremation in Irlam, but are not entirely certain what it is. Basically, it is the simplest of type funeral arrangement that many people choose as being a more private way of saying goodbye. With direct cremation, it usually occurs without a funeral service. Instead of a traditional funeral service, the deceased’s family and friends can decide to pay their respects to the deceased in their own way, at a time that feels right for them.

A funeral doesn’t have to be expensive to show that you care. In Irlam, direct cremation allows a dignified and respectful farewell. We are specialists in direct cremations and have been providing this service to our families since 2013. We offer a simple and dignified service. This service is available for £1250.00, and does not have any hidden or extra costs. You may decide that this is the option to choose as possibly you feel that a full funeral service is not appropriate. A direct cremation is a hassle-free, low-cost quality service, providing the means to say one’s final goodbyes in a way that best suits them. Included in this cost is transfer from place of death to our Chapel of Rest, as well as a suitable simple coffin and the cremation fee.

A direct cremation in Irlam is a suitable option, especially if the deceased has relatives and friends who live abroad and would not be able to attend a funeral. Regardless of the reason a direct cremation provides the most cost-effective and affordable funeral service for the deceased. A direct cremation also lessens the burden on those left behind, knowing that they can still take care of the deceased in a meaningful way. If you would like more information about direct cremations, contact Unique Funerals today. We are members of the Society of Independent Funeral Directors as well as the National Association of Funeral Directors. This means that we provide a quality service as standard. We take care of our families, and available to assist you when you need us. We are here to help.