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Funeral Directors in Little Hulton

Funeral Directors in Little Hulton

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Funeral Directors in Little HultonOur funeral directors in LIttle Hulton, offer a traditional service to our clients. That means our focus is on carrying out funeral arrangements according to the clients wishes. Often clients aren’t comfortable talking about funeral costs as if doing so means putting a value limit on their love for the deceased. No one in our organisation believes that but we also don’t believe in spending money you don’t have for an elaborate affair you’re not comfortable with. We will provide you with a list of sample funerals and their cost. If you want to check them out before calling us you’ll find them listed on our website. You can take any one of those funeral plans and add or subtract services to fit your vision of the perfect tribute for a loved one.

Some might think our cheapest funeral, direct cremation, would be chosen simply because it’s cheap. Others may declare for our most elaborate funeral in Little Hulton, funeral directors are encouraging overspending. Neither is remotely true. There are multiple reasons to choose either funeral package or something in between. We offer the same support, compassion and respect to all clients. What must prevail is the sense of dignity, love and a safe place to grieve. All the rest is just background. Many of our families choose cremation and our packages represent that trend. A very private funeral might be direct cremation with the family arranging a memorial service later. A large elaborate funeral can also include cremation.

We proudly serve as your funeral directors in Little Hulton for our military service people at a greatly discounted rate, much of which is paid by the military. For parents grieving the loss of a child age 16 or under we organise and carry out a beautiful funeral service that includes the collection and preparation of the deceased, the use of our children’s chapel and selection of coffins free of charge. We just can’t put a price on such a loss. Other unique services we provide include burial at sea and horse drawn carriage. Contact Unique Funerals when presented with the task of carrying out the funeral of a loved one. One more service we offer is funeral services for beloved family pets. They play an important role in our lives and our grief on their passing is as real as for any other family member.