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Direct Cremation Manchester

Direct Cremation Manchester

Posted on Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Direct Cremation Manchester

Death often occurs when its least expected which makes organising a funeral difficult at the best of times. It’s often hard to think about budget at a time when all you feel is devastation and being overwhelmed by the need to get funeral arrangements sorted as quickly as possible.

A funeral is a necessary spend that many people consider the amount spent as being a demonstration of how much they love someone. However, a funeral needn’t be expensive to show that you care with a direct cremation, you can still have a dignified and respectful farewell.

Some people may not have heard of direct cremation some may have heard but may be wondering what it is. Essentially, it is the simplest of funeral arrangement that many adopt as being a more private way of saying goodbye. An option chosen by David Bowie a direct cremation, occurs without a funeral service. Instead, loved ones can choose to pay their respects to the person who has died in their own way, at a time that feels right for them.

Unique Funerals are specialists in direct cremations and have been providing this service to our families since 2013 and we cover the whole of England and Wales. Our simple and dignified service is available for £1250.00 with no extra or hidden costs.

Many people who don’t necessarily feel a full funeral service would be right for them value this hassle-free, low-cost quality service as providing them the means to say their final goodbyes in a way that suites them.
Unique Funerals are members of the Society of Independent Funeral Directors as well as the National Association of Funeral Directors, meaning we provide a high-quality service as standards.

Included in our £1250.00 price is transfer from place of death to our Chapel of Rest a suitable simple coffin and the cremation fee

Many people opting for direct cremation are doing so because it reflects them and how they’ve lived. They may also have relatives who live all over the world or who may have no close or immediate family or are simply seeking to hold a memorial service later. Whatever the reason a direct cremation provides the most cost-effective and affordable funeral service. Unique Funerals offer many funeral options we’re here to help.