Direct Cremation in Salford

Perhaps your loved one has requested a direct cremation in Salford rather than a burial in his will. The passing of a loved one is a very challenging time in one’s life, and preparing a funeral ceremony can be difficult. Oftentimes it is hard to think of a budget for a funeral when you are experiencing grief and sadness. However, a direct cremation is the least costly option, as the more expensive purchases typical of a traditional funeral are then avoided.

If your loved one requested, in Salford, a direct cremation, speak to us at Unique Funerals. We understand the turmoil you may be experiencing and our funeral directors are available to assist you and guide through this sad time. A direct cremation also means that there is no need to have an elaborate funeral ceremony. The family and friends of the deceased can hold a wake or a memorial service, at a time and a place that is suitable. We also offer the opportunity to have a funeral service, with our funeral directors assisting and guiding throughout. We offer a simple and dignified service that is available for £1250.00 and with no extra or hidden costs. If the deceased has requested a direct cremation, a simple memorial service will be as appropriate. It is a time in which to recognise the life lived, and to pay one’s last respects.

A direct cremation in Salford is the simplest of funeral arrangement that many adopt as being a more private way of saying goodbye. Many people are opting for a direct cremation as they feel it reflects them and the way they lived. To find out more about a direct cremation, contact Unique Funerals. We are members of the Society of Independent Funeral Directors as well as the National Association of Funeral Directors. This means that we provide a high-quality service as standard. We are independent and family owned, and our professional team will provide compassion and care at this difficult time in your life. You can depend on us to assist you, and we are available to assist and guide you, 24 hours a day.