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Funeral Directors in Prestwich

Funeral Directors in Prestwich

Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2019

Funeral Directors in PrestwichUnique Funerals, funeral directors in Prestwich, live up to our name; Unique. It makes perfect sense because no two funerals are exactly alike any more than any 2 people are alike. Even if you choose a traditional funeral for your loved one, it will still be different than all other traditional funerals. The peer pressure has lifted considerably and people today feel more free to do funerals that best expresses their own feelings about how to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed. There is a freedom for friends and families to conduct the funeral in a way that represents the essence of the deceased; pleasures, beliefs and commitments. That is how it should be. Funerals are intensely personal.

When planning a funeral in Prestwich, our funeral directors will honour all requests as long as the proceedings are dignified and respectful as all humans deserve in life and death. Our compassion for and dedication to the family preferences is our commitment. The age of the deceased and circumstances surrounding or contributing to death will have a bearing on funeral choices. A much loved grandfather whose death ended his pain and suffering is often more a celebration of a life well lived and loved and thankfulness the suffering is over. The family, although grieving, are better able to accept the death as one of the natural passages in life. When the grandparent is especially elderly, the funeral may be simple and span only one day.

Our funeral directors in Prestwich understand the loss of a young person in their prime is perceived as a tragedy and will likely be attended by many who are shocked and grieving. It might be best to set aside the time for visitation so all can convey their condolences. An infant or toddler lost is deeply wrenching for a young family and they often prefer a very small private funeral. We are sensitive to the feelings of grief being experienced by all of our families. Our compassionate services are extended equally with no partiansianship based on cost or preference. Contact Unique Funerals when in need of our services. Our staff will handle all details large and small including the paperwork, preparation for a ceremony and final burial.