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Funeral Directors in Tyldesley

Funeral Directors in Tyldesley

Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2019

Funeral Directors in TyldesleyOur caring and experienced funeral directors in Tyldesley assist with preparing bespoke funerals. Everyone has a different idea of what is appropriate for a funeral and what accoutrements are needed.  We do not offer a package funeral as it is a very individual and unique experience for each person.  We feel you should be able to explain what you want and we will arrange things to suit your wishes. Whatever you feel you need we will do even if it means finding more unusual items for the funeral.  We have tradition funerals that encompass the usual flowers, hymn sheets and church service but there are many other things that can be added to make it a truly memorable funeral. We undertake to provide a dignified and respectful funeral for your loved one.

Arranging a traditional or contemporary funeral is the choice of the relatives of the deceased. In Tyldesley, funeral directors will arrange the funeral according to a budget for funeral costs which will vary according to the funeral required. There are simple funerals where there is a cremation and a memorial service and there are funerals with a burial and church service. A funeral is the way we say goodbye to someone much loved and bitterly missed. Everyone has a different and unique way of saying goodbye. There is no such thing as an inappropriate funeral as the family who knew their relative the best will decide how to inter them. We are an independent and reputable company with experienced personnel who will arrange a unique funeral for each customer.

Our dedicated funeral directors in Tyldesley are sincere and committed to each and every client. Contact Unique Funerals as soon as you need us. We are available at any hour of the day or night any day of the week, including holidays. Our services are dependable and flexible with a high level of individual attention and care for the family. We are happy to work on a budget that will allow us to tailor the funeral to your requirements whilst staying within the set amount. We are members of the UK’s leading funeral trade association.