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We’re working hard to improve standards and lower funeral cost

We’re working hard to improve standards and lower funeral cost

Posted on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Well it’s been a real busy couple of months for us here at Unique Funerals. What many may not know is the work we do behind the scene trying to improve funeral standards and lower funeral prices.

The (CMA) has announced the outcome of its Market Study into the funeral profession following its review of the funeral industry which it launched in June last year, citing concerns that prices had been growing substantially making funerals increasingly unaffordable for many.

Unique Funerals (along with others including consumer groups) have made submission to that research and yesterday (28th March 2019) we found out that the CMA is to proceed with a full market investigation.

Although we are delighted with CMA’s announcement we are disappointed that the funeral planning market is not to be included in the scope of the review especially when this is an area of the funeral industry where we feel abuse is the name of the game.

Unique Funerals has long advocated for Funeral Directors pricing to be available online, something we’ve been doing since 2013 and for the funeral industry to be regulated. Along with our submission to the CMA we also provided them with evidence and examples of many bad and unfair industry practices many of which borne out of the distinct lack of any regulation.

This announcement by the CMA has been a long time in the coming and we can only hope it fares better than the now defunct Office of Fair Trading (OFT) report into the funeral industry of the late 90’s that published two critical reports from evidence it gathered outlining need for reform. The revised optimism that change may be coming has taken almost two decades to arrive and we hope the CMA’s market investigation will take on a more robust approach to that of the then OFT who despite raising concerns went on to ignore its own research and decommissioned the Funeral Ombudsman taking away what little protection bereaved families had.

We’ll keep you updated on this.