Planning for the future

Unique Funerals are great believers that Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are the best way to ensure that you get the funeral of your choice.  Please feel free to drop in and have a chat us, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation personal illustration and to answer any questions you may have. Hopefully, this will enable you and your loved ones to make a more informed decision.

The Most Thoughtful Choice You Could Make

 We understand funerals can still be a bit of a ‘taboo’ subject; but by planning and paying in advance, you can take solace in that you have protected your family from making difficult decisions and facing what could be a big financial burden.

Planning for your funeral brings peace of mind, comfort and reassurance, as well as removing the worry and stress.

Planning your own funeral is getting more popular, with more than 650,000 people in Great Britain putting in place a funeral plan.  Consideration for others is the most common reason for buying a funeral plan and peace of mind is the most common benefit.  Plus, you can specify every detail for your funeral in advance, from the music or hymn’s that are played to how you are dressed or what clothes you would like to wear removing the burden from your loved ones.

Financial Security

No matter how much the services of Unique Funerals may rise in years to come, neither you nor your loved ones will be asked for a penny more under your Pre-Paid Plan – it’s a guarantee that gives you peace of mind.

However, there are some costs which are paid on your behalf by Unique Funerals.  They are known as disbursements and are outside of Unique Funerals control.  Disbursements include fees of cemeteries, crematoriums, doctors, clergy, newspaper notices and memorials.  We feel it only fair to mention that if the increase in disbursement costs were to exceed the increase in the growth of your plan only then might there be a balance to pay at the time of need.

Meanwhile you can be sure your money will always be secure.  Your payment goes directly to the funeral plan trust, which holds the money to pay for your funeral on behalf of Unique Funerals.  This enables Unique Funerals to provide a legally binding contract, which guarantees that your funeral arrangements will be carried out exactly as you wish when required.

if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to make contact on 0161-703 9944.