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Organisations Offering Financial Support For Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive and can cause financial strain for families. There are several organisations and charities that can provide assistance with funeral costs. These organisations offer financial support, advice and other services to help families during this difficult time. In the following section, we have compiled a list of those organisations and charities that may help those in need.

Organisations Offering Funeral Cost Support

War Pension

If your loved one was receiving War Disablement Pension or died as a result of serving in HM Forces, you may be able to apply to Veterans UK for help covering the cost of a funeral.

Charities and Benevolent Societies

There are many charities and benevolent societies which could help to cover the costs of a funeral. These charities are often associated with a specific trade or vocational job, but there are also charities which will help fund funerals for the young, the elderly or people with specific illnesses such as types of cancer.

Quaker Social Action

Focusing on helping people on low incomes in the UK to seek solutions to the issues affecting their lives. As part of their work, they provide practical help and support with funeral costs.

Friends of the Elderly

Providing grants to older people living on low incomes, these funds can be used to cover unexpected costs such as those related to organising a funeral.

The Child Funeral Charity

Offering financial support to families that have lost a child under the age of 16. While many funeral directors do not charge a fee for child funerals, the additional expenses and extras can still add up. React and Children are Butterflies also offer support to those who have lost children.

Go Fund Me

GoFundMe campaigns can ease the financial burden of funeral costs. By pooling resources, friends and family of the deceased can cover expenses such as casket, transportation, and burial. A fundraising campaign can easily be set up online, where donors can contribute and share it with their networks. This expands the reach of the campaign to not only close friends and family but also acquaintances, colleagues, and even strangers who feel compelled to assist.

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