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Mother's Day
Memorial Page

Welcome to our Mother’s Day Memorial Page, dedicated to the loving mothers who have left an indelible mark on our lives. On this poignant day, we come together to celebrate their warmth, strength, and boundless love. Though they may no longer be with us, their legacy lives on in the hearts of those they touched. Join us as we honour and remember these remarkable women who shaped our lives with their love and guidance.

Our Memorials...

Maureen Miller

Loved and missed every day, always in our thoughts. You’re back in the arms of my Dad, so I know you will be happy and looking down on us all xxx   Sharon O’Callaghan

Carol Rae

Missing you every single day Mum. It doesn’t seem to get easier. I’m working hard to make you proud of me, and be half as good a Mum as you were. All my love, from your Popsy xx

MaryAnn McGlynn

Although you never got to be a Mum, I think of you on Mothers Day and how we should have been Mums together – our childhood plans of kids growing up together and playing like we did. Sending my love Mary-Ann. Love Pammy xx

Irene Thomson

Gran, I hope you are up there drinking all the sherry, eating all the pringles and causing havoc just like you did when you are here. In my thoughts always, Pamela xxx

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