Pre Paid Funeral Plans

A funeral plan that suits you

Everyone has different needs when it comes to planning a funeral. Our bespoke funeral plan and range of payment options enables you to afford the funeral that you want, rather than settling for what you can afford when the time comes.

Why choose a pre-paid funeral plan?

Taking the step to arranging your own funeral is a sensible and re-assuring thing to do, just like getting your will written. Rather than your family have the stress both emotionally and financially at a difficult time, by planning and paying for your funeral in advance you can take this anxiety and burden off them.

You can also make sure you get the send-off you want, whether that is a simple cremation, or an elaborate funeral with a brass band. A pre-paid funeral enables you to decide what you want and make your final farewell a celebration of your life.

Five reasons you’re better off buying your pre-paid funeral plan from us.

  1. Choose exactly what you want and pay only for what you need – We won’t sell you a set funeral package!  We believe you should have total control over your funeral and be allowed to customise every aspect of it.
  • Guaranteed acceptance – With no medicals or questionnaires
  • Protection against rising funeral costs – The price you pre-pay your funeral, are the prices charged today by Unique Funerals and not a set price charged by the plan provider.
  • Fair and honestly priced funeral plans – When you plan your funeral with us what you pay goes directly into your funeral plan. The only fee you pay is a £249.00 administration fee taken by our plan provider Golden Charter.  This fee is clearly shown on the plan and you can rest assured no further commission or advance is paid out to any other third party including Unique Funerals.
  • Putting you in control – Buying a pre-arrange funeral plan from Unique Funerals enables you to choose us as your funeral director rather than having one nominated for you should you use a third-party seller.

How safe is my money?

Our funeral plans are underwritten by Golden Charter – one of the UK’s most prominent and established funeral planning providers.   Payments made towards a funeral plan will be placed in an independent trust fund which is invested with a view to ensuring that, whatever happens, there will be enough funds available for your funeral to take place as specified – providing protection against inflation and rising costs.

Paying for our funeral plans

We offer several ways to pay for your plan. You can pay in a lump sum, or you can pay over several years in a way that is affordable to you. Additional Instalment Payment Terms and Conditions apply – please ask for details.

How to purchase a pre-arranged funeral plan

As Independent Funeral Directors we are here to help you arrange your funeral with respect and thoughtfulness. We can help guide you step by step through all the various options when planning your funeral. Afterall, it’s what we do every day.

We take immense pride in our level of service too.  So, you can take confidence in knowing that when the time comes everything will be taken care of; both financially and emotionally.