Uniquely Honouring Our Heroes

Service Personnel

Honouring our countries service personnel  represents an honour and a privilege for us here at Unique Funerals. The men and women of our Armed Forces, their families, and our veterans reflect what is best in our society. That is why we are committed to providing a fitting farewell in gratitude to their devotion and bravery to us. From adorning the coffin with the appropriate national flag, to firing the volleys and playing The Last Post, we will ensure a funeral service that celebrates their service and will honour their memory forever. A discounted price is offered to our heroes, starting at £3000.

Service Personnel Funerals
Proudly Honouring Our Heroes

We take great pride in offering specialised funeral services tailored to ex-military personnel in Salford & Manchester. We understand the unique needs and requirements that come with honouring the lives of those who have served our country. With a deep appreciation for their dedication and sacrifice, we are committed to delivering funeral services that uphold the traditions and protocols befitting their military service.  Our team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in coordinating military funerals. We work closely with families to ensure that every aspect of the service reflects the individual’s military background and personal preferences. We believe that a meaningful farewell should be a reflection of the individual’s unique journey and contributions. Our compassionate funeral directors will provide guidance and support in creating personalised tributes that celebrate the accomplishments and character of the ex-military individual. With our deep respect for their service, we strive to create a dignified and memorable farewell that pays homage to their bravery and sacrifice. We are proud to offer a discounted package which starts from £3000.

Professional Fees Incorporated

Our ex-military funeral packages, which start at £3,000 include all professional fees; local cremation fees (surcharges may apply for certain crematoriums such as Howe Bridge or Overdale) and Minister fees, for clear transparency and peace of mind. With dedicated facilities and quality standards throughout, your loved one will be in the safest hands at Walkden Funerals.

Caring Preperation

From bringing your loved one into our care, preparing them for their funeral with the chosen clothes you have provided and ensuring their comfort and decency is maintained at all times, we treat your loved one as one of our own family. Our dedicated chapel of rest allows you to visit your loved one in privacy and tranquillity to connect and reflect.

An Honourable Package

The full service personnel funeral package provides you with a complete solution - including the beautiful Walkden coffin which you can choose to adorn how you wish in a style befitting their position and your preference. The package also includes one following limousine for up to 6 people to accompany your loved one on their final procession and 50 service cards.

"...They simply made the most heartbreaking and difficult time of our lives that little easier"

“Walkden Funerals is a place where the work of those who work there means everything and it is clear to see from the moment you first speak to them. We used this funeral directors for my Dad’s funeral in September and Paul and his whole team simply went above and beyond in order to make the service the best it could be and as beautiful as it was, even under the restrictions being faced by all at the moment. We looked around at a few funeral directors before collectively deciding as a family that Walkden was the place that we wanted to look after Dad, they simply made the most heartbreaking and difficult time of our lives that little easier. They granted all of Dad’s final wishes without question or feeling the need to add extra fees like other places. A massive thank you to Paul and the entire team at Walkden, our entire family is eternally grateful.


Funding availability for serving armed forces personnel...

When a Service person (including Reserve forces when on duty and Foreign and Commonwealth (F&C) personnel) dies on duty, it is MOD policy to arrange a funeral at public expense or to provide funding towards the cost of a private funeral dependent upon the wishes of the next of kin.

The Joint Casualty & Compassionate Centre

The Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) is the primary agency responsible for monitoring and actioning certain procedures for Service personnel if they become notifiable casualties both in the UK and overseas. The JCCC is manned 24 hours a day and provides a single point of contact for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force.

The Role Of The JCCC

  • The JCCC will act as a liaison with the Visiting Officer to make sure early bereavement information is issued. 
  • Co-ordination of repatriation of deceased to UK or Country of Origin
  • Overall responsibility for all aspects of a death-related situation until after the funeral (when they then delegate such responsibility to the single Service)
  • To notify the person entitled of any sums due to the deceased’s estate from the MoD, the action necessary to claim this sum, and the authorisation of the release of personal effects on MoD property to the person entitled
  • Advice and guidance for Service funded funerals and current MoD Entitlements
  • Arrange the manufacture of a publicly funded headstone or urn plot marker

Serving Salford for many years, we are dedicated to serving you at the most needed time, with 24/7 availability...

At the core of our vision and values is to serve our local community with caring and efficient funeral services that put you at the heart of the decision making.

Our commitment is to constantly evolve and develop our offer so that you are provided with the best of level of service attention and respect during the most difficult time. Regardless of your race, religion, creed or ethos, a dignified and gracious send off is a privilege for us to provide…

"Kindness and compassion are the lifeblood of giving you a unique service here at Walkden Funerals. It is my honour to support you during the most difficult times"

Kind Words...

Would like to say a big thankyou to Paul and his team for both my mum and dads funerals. Paul took care of my mums funeral five years ago and did a fantastic job he was fantastic to us as a family and has recently done my dads funeral. Again cant praise him enough."
Kim hibbert
The service the family received from the beginning to the end was more than we couldve ever wished or asked for. Paul gave Mum the send off she deserved. After battling with cancer, they made Mum look beautiful and at peace which was lovely for all the family. They even opened up on a Sunday for us to spend time with Mum on her birthday. Everyone said it was the best funeral they had ever been to. The cost was extremely reasonable and the personal touches was perfect. The extra special gestures, releasing balloons (mums favourite colour) and book marks etc that made the day even more special"
I just have to say a huge thank you to Paul and Stuart they have been amazing, They made what’s been a really difficult time really easy and explained step by step what needed to be done. I’m honoured my dad spent his days resting with them, I felt piece knowing he was in Paul’s care , they really did take good care of him there so compassionate and caring and that comes across in conversations and the time that was put into Into making sure Dad had everything he needed. There so patient and gentle when it comes to all the decisions that have to be made. Stuart really takes the time to sit with you and get to know your loved one and this makes for a beautiful and true service I couldn’t be happier with the words

Stuart spoke of my dad from all the memories and enjoyable times we shared with him.
Again thank you from myself and my brothers as well as my Dad who I know would be so proud and grateful of the service you helped us give him he can know rest in peace.

Proudly Serving all of Salford with branches in both Walkden & Eccles

Alternative Options

Direct Cremation

Direct cremations are a simple alternative to traditional funeral services with an unattended service.

Simple Funeral

Our simple funeral offers a complete funeral package at a lower cost, without compromising on quality. 

Horse Drawn Carriage

A nostalgic and traditional send off for your loved one with with a horse drawn carriage for the cortege.


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